Our Team

Sheila Jacobs

Sheila Jacobs MFT has first-hand experience of living in two worlds. Growing up using American Sign Language (ASL) at home, Sheila was the only hearing person in a large Deaf family. Her parents, sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and some cousins are deaf. Many of her deaf relatives were active and well known in the national Deaf Community for several generations. Her experiences juggling her two worlds, the Deaf world, and the Hearing world, and her studies in intercultural communication and cross-cultural psychology educated her extensively about the issues deaf and other multi-cultural groups face daily.

She worked for fifteen years as a freelance interpreter with a national reputation, and taught ASL and interpreting for ten years at the prestigious Vista College in Berkeley, California. In the mid-’80s, Sheila was highly active in the international Children of Deaf Adults (CODA) movement, helping to plan the first CODA Conference and then serving on the first national CODA Advisory Board.

Warren Linney

Warren Linney is the Co-Founder of SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Circle  https://sfbaycrc.org/health-covid-19-climatetaxballot/, funding City’s Climate Action through ballot measures.    Warren is a Director for www.ForeverRedwood.com and also the former Chairman of the nonprofit World Stewardship Institute (WSI). WSI works nationwide to raise consciousness around restoration forestry and build alliances with churches and businesses on environmental issues.  Warren co-founded International Rivers, which has stopped most destructive dam projects worldwide.  He is currently working to reverse climate change by forming a technical council to evaluate and test methods of removing CO2 from the air and oceans.

Kendall Macrostie

Chief Lawyer Advocate at Legalucy, Inc.

Kendall has been an attorney since 2015 and is actively involved in assisting nonprofits and climate restoration businesses across the Bay Area. In addition to serving on the advisory board of the CRC for the past year, Kendall has provided advice and assistance to small businesses through the Bay Area’s Sustainable Economies Law Center and the Alliance for Community Development. Through his experiences, Kendall hopes to work with businesses and nonprofits to draw down the levels of carbon in the atmosphere and create an economy that works for everyone’s health and well being.




Damian Mason

Damian has studied regeneration, natural systems and ecological design for over 20 years. He has extensive knowledge of & certification in Permaculture Design. He assists local & regional agencies to develop strategies and solutions which address Climate Change and build resilience.

For the past 2 years, Damian has worked with the City of Alameda, as a member of an oversight & advisory group called “The Green Team”, to create the City’s new Climate Action and Resiliency Plan through his work with Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA). He was part of a small set of CASA members that met with Mayor Ashcraft, Vice Mayor White & Council Member Oddie to promote adoption of a Climate Emergency Declaration which was passed unanimously on 3/19/2019 and sets a citywide goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Damian has recently become an active member of the SF Bay Climate Restoration Circle working to restore a healthy climate by scaling up methods to draw down carbon dioxide to less than 300 ppm in the next 30 years via ocean restoration, regenerative agriculture, and carbon-negative concrete.

Mark Perlin

About me: I am a specialist in automation engineering and product development.
I have broad experience developing technology solutions for industrial manufacturers and start-up companies in industries including: semiconductor, cleantech, agriculture, food processing, packaging, recycling, biotech, life sciences, and medical devices.
I’m fluent in these engineering disciplines:
· Robotics
· Design and process improvement
· Manufacturing Automation System Solutions
· HMI (Human-Machine Interface) Touchscreen design
· Controls software for automation of equipment, machines, tools, work-cells, hardware products.
· Sensor integrator for: inspection, measuremen,, machine vision, quality control software.
· Sensor integration with multi-axis motion and motion control software
· Data logging and analysis
· Connected device communication protocols:
· System Integration
· New Product Commercialization and business development
· Automation Project Management
· Advanced manufacturing and process automation design
· All aspects of solar photovoltaics from product design, development and manufacturing: of High efficiency solar-electric photovoltaic modules ( High Concentration Photovoltaics (HCPV). Concentration Photovoltaics (CPV), using two-axis sun-tracking mechanisms, tiny (micro-cells, microcells) PV cell packaging, mirror fabrication from polycarbonate, PC/ABS, glass, material deposition, coating, and history of sunlight concentration by mirrors and lenses, history of solar companies and technologies 1950-Present.

Orkid Sassouni

Orkid Sassouni graduated with a BA degree in Art History and Museum Studies at Gallaudet University.  She taught American Sign Language (ASL) in various locations for more than ten years.  Ms. Sassouni was a Gallery Lecturer at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The MET) in New York City for about ten years under The Sign of Arts program, an ASL spoken tours for all museum attendances.  Also, at the same time, she studied Studio Photography at the Parsons School of Design.  And later, Ms. Sassouni decided to move to San Francisco to attend San Francisco State University with a MA in Interdisciplinary Studies (IAC).  She is currently an employee with the city and county of San Francisco for twenty years.  Ms. Sassouni is a council member with the Mayor’s Disability Council (MDC) under the Mayor’s Office of Disability (MOD).  She is also an access advisories committee with the FAMSF. Growing up on Long Island shore, Ms. Sassouni witnessed ever changing environmental impact a lot in front of her former parents’ home that were filled with trashes such as big tires fit for an industrialist truck, Styrofoam materials, metal cans that are not recyclable, drugs syringes, cigarette butts, etc.  The trash items does not belong there.  Many fishes were dying because of the warming temperature in the water.  We need to take action now for the future of our children and grandchildren.


Iris Davidson

Iris Hope Davison has been a television and feature development consultant since 2006, working with creators to help them build their story from concept to sale, specializing in development and in-depth analysis, as well as pitch coaching and submission materials.

Prior to consulting, Davison was at Showtime Networks in Original Programming hearing pitches, reading spec scripts, as well as working in current on the team that brought WEEDS and THE L WORD to air. Davison grew up on Long Island and received a Bachelor of Science in film and television at Emerson College in Boston. Before landing in development, Davison worked in production and post production on commercials, features, and television shows, as well as at Fox Television Studios in Business and Legal Affairs. Davison was also an adjunct professor at Marywood University in the Communication Arts Department teaching classes such as Screenwriting and Media Programming. Currently residing in Scranton, PA, Davison currently consults on a variety of projects and makes it back to L.A. when The Office jokes get too old or the weather gets too cold.



Laura Stokes

Education: Bachelor of Science, Architectural Engineering, University of Texas at Austin, 1978

Professional Engineer Licenses: Washington and Florida

Engineering Experience 1978 to 2009: Practice in project management, design of structures, and review of project and construction document sets for residential, commercial, government, marine, and aviation projects. Working experience in the states of Washington, Maine, Virginia, and Florida.

Environmental Activism, December 2019 to present: Personal research and collaboration pursuing reversal of global warming trends through environmentally focused Citizen’s Initiatives and legislation.




Diedre Tanenberg

A Northern California native, Diedre has been a recycling and waste reduction advocate for several years. Her passion focuses on laying the groundwork to establish public education & outreach materials for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community in all things related to sustainability. Currently, she is a Public Affairs Assistant Coordinator for the San Francisco Department of the Environment where she supports the Policy and Public Affairs Officer. Diedre is looking forward to offering her experience as a Deaf woman navigating the professional realms of environmental literacy and climate science. She currently serves on in a Bay Area nonprofit at DCARA (Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency)
She has a bachelor’s of arts in Environmental Studies & Planning; Outdoor Leadership, a Sustainable Futures Fund Recipient at Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA.
She has an associates of arts degree in Social and Behavior Sciences at Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA.

Eric Nooker

Eric Nooker has a degree in Soil Science from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and a degree in Horticulture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He also has a passion for insects as well.  Eric has worked for the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, University of Minnesota, and the USDA Agricultural Research Service.  In his free time Eric enjoys fishing, biking, and reading.

Kevin Lister

Kevin Lister has a master’s degree in mathematics, an MBA from Warwick University, and a degree in aeronautical engineering from Glasgow University. He  has been at the vanguard of the climate change debate for over 20 years. He is president of Restore Our Climate (ROC) which is dedicated to developing the science and engineering for Iron Salt Aerosols to remove short lived greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, to cool the planet and to restore the ocean ecosystem
In 2018 he coordinated a major submission with other leading climate change scientists for the UN Talanoa Dialogue that explained why the global safe temperature rise had to be less than 0.5°C and why existing policies would fail to deliver a stable climate. His submission presented a science-based risk assessment on the urgent need to start field trials of prospective technologies that had the potential to provide long term cooling of the planet and reduce short-lived greenhouse gases.

Nancy Louise McCormick

Born in Sacramento, Ca Nancy is an artist, photographer, writer, activist, has had employment in everything from school/resturant kitchens to being on the board for her Parish. Current work includes:
Catechist teacher for St. Benedict Parish for the Deaf, since 2011
Free lance writer for small papers and personal request, since 1974
Free lance photography for landscape and historical areas, since 1971
In addition I have also done:
Odd jobs of anything from envelope stuffer to book store clerk and basic office work/filing.
I have a BFA in Fine Arts Painting from RIT 1985
I also have an M.A. in Catholic Theology SCU  2011

Suzanne Reed

Suzanne Reed’s career in environmental, transportation, and energy policy in the public, private, and non-profit sectors spans 50 years.  She served 14 years as Chief of Staff to California State Assembly Member and then Senator Carol Liu. Between terms, she was California Policy Director for the Washington DC based Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP). Suzanne was Senior Energy Advisor in the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research during Governor Jerry Brown’s first administration. In 1977, he appointed her Commissioner on the California Energy Commission where she served four years and presided over development of the nation’s first residential energy conservation standards (Title 24). Before relocating to California in 1976, Suzanne was a professional staff member on the US Senate Interior and Insular Affairs Committee (now Energy and Natural Resources) and a Legislative Aide to Senator Joe Biden (D-DE).  She holds a BA from Smith College and a Master of Forest Science from Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (now School of the Environment).

Suzanne assisted the UC, Berkeley Goldman School, Center for Environmental Public Policy (CEPP in conducting the Environmental Justice and Climate Policy Solutions Dialogue in 2017.  She is co-author of the final report: Advancing Environmental Justice: A New State Regulatory Framework to Abate Community-Level Air Pollution Hotspots and Improve Health Outcomes (https://gspp.berkeley.edu/assets/uploads/page/CEPP_Report_09.7.17.pdf).


Our Advisors and Consultants

Eckhart Beatty

As a marketing/business strategist and business writer, Beatty focuses on renewable energy and ecological resilience through the lens of design thinking. His work falls into the following categories:

business development
design/ innovation strategy
the shared economy
solar (PV and thermal) innovations with unique applications
public and private education
carbon drawdown using rock powder and biochar in urban, organic, and modern agriculture
user research

He have played consulting roles to optimize solar charging for electric vehicles lacking an accessible grid. Results have included powering the world’s fastest motorcycle to victory at Laguna Seca in 2012. He won 1st place in an 11th Hour Award (E. Schmidt Foundation) in 2014. He provided insights for McKinsey & Company on EV charging in 2017.

Beatty has been guiding award-winning Sollector Systems with its dual-axis tracking solar systems for approaching 9 years. In 2019, he introduced his services to a startup comprising development projects in Africa based on a novel financing mechanism it is pioneering.

In the domain of energy efficiency, Beatty has conducted market research and strategy for the founder of Indow Windows, 2nd place-holder in the national Cleantech Open (2011). Indow is famous for its radically simplified design paradigm.
As a seasoned editor in the social innovation space, he has consulted to Darian R. Heyman on the manuscript of Nonprofit Management 101, the acclaimed title by John Wiley & Sons.

Beatty’s editorial experience is grounded in diverse industries, including publishing, high technology, biotech, and health care.
His role in the shared economy has been covered in the New York Times.

Marketing collateral–including white papers
Research reports
Ghost-written narratives
Reviews, blogs, and copy
Handbooks (Careers in Health Care, Taleo [WetFeet Press], 2006)
Competitive analysis, business plans, marketing, development, and research
Technical documentation
Design and usability studies for clients ranging from Frog Design to AT&T, Chase, Earthlink (Omnisky), Google Earth, Landrider, and TechSoup.

Lyna Deschambault


Lynda Deschambault, Environmental Scientist, Educator and Former Mayor Moraga, CA.

Retired USEPA, San Francisco 21 years Executive director:
www.ccccclimateleaders.org; and follow at

Carol Drake

Carol grew up in a small town Brentwood, CA where there was a sense of community.

Carol studied biology at San Jose State which included Environmental Studies
(Solar Energy), Environmental Education and Environmental Interpretation classes.
She has always had an interest in environmental issues.
Carol joined the Sierra Club Loma Prietan Chapter in 1984.
She was active in the local group of the Sierra Club, the Guadalupe Group.
She served as vice chairman from 1986 to 1987 and membership chairman
from 1987 to 1994 in the Sierra Club Guadalupe group.
Carol also served as publicity chairman for Tri-City Ecology Center from 2015 to 2016.
As publicity chairman, she did library displays at the Fremont library.
The themes for the displays included Earth Day, Green Christmas and
Ohlone Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.
She now manages the Tri-City Ecology Center Facebook page.
Last April, Carol became a volunteer for the SF Bay Climate Restoration Circle
after attending one of their meetups.
She helped get conceptual support for the addition of a Climate Action Fund
measure to the November 2020 ballot from the Sierra Club.
The support was from the Sierra Club Northern Alameda County Group.
Carol produced the logo for the Climate Crisis Challenge TV show.
She also submitted the press release https://sfbaycrc.org/health-covid-19-climatetaxballot/
that was published in the Tri-City Voice.
Carol reached out to Mayors and City Council members in several Bay Area Cities
about informing them about the Climate Tax Ballot Measure.
Carol has also been a Graphic Production Artist since 1995. (carolsgraphicsarts.com)

Ryan Funchess


My name is Ryan Funchess, and I am a mechanical engineering student at Cal Poly SLO seeking to concentrate in mechatronics. Through my experience as an Academic Skills Center Leader, interning at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and my time collaborating with others, I have learned the value of working cooperatively to reach a common goal. I greatly enjoy spending time in the outdoors and learning more about the beautiful world that we live in.

Marc Garman

Marc Garman is a videographer, editor, documentary filmmaker and political media consultant specializing in TV and social media copy, content and tactics for grassroots political efforts. His clients have included numerous school board, city council, mayoral, county and state level political candidates. He has also produced TV and video content for groups such as Veterans for Peace. S.H.A.R.K. (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness) and various other environmental groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.


Felix Kramer

Ex-entrepreneur, full-time climate volunteer. Found ClimateSparking: young adult activists/advocates paid to work as Climate Project Managers. Strategic advisor, Foundation for Climate Restoration. More at https://ClimateChangesEverything.org and at https://www.linkedin.com/in/felixkramer/

Francis Phiri

Francis is an American Sign Langauge teacher at Mid-Peninsula High School in Menlo Park. He was born and raised in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia in Africa. At the age of 12, he became ill with malaria and it caused his hearing to slowly deteriorate, becoming deaf at age 18. He has always been a lover of education which eventually provided him the opportunity to come to California for college.
Francis studied at Rochester Institute of Technology then returned to Ohlone College to complete his degree in Deaf Studies and Liberal Arts in Ethic studies at San Francisco State University. Francis has taught at a private San Francisco international language school, ABC Languages, Director of Public Relations and Outreach at Conference of Interpreter Trainers, presents as a motivational speaker for community organizations, workshops, and charter school conferences. He is a founder of Give Back To Community-Zambia (GBCZ). Francis’ goal is to inspire others to follow their dreams and be successful, with patience, flexibility, and motivation. He now shares his passion by teaching others the value of education, the importance of communication, and the power of human connections



Shamsa Rafay

Shamsa Rafay came to United States in 1996 with a MA degree in Economics and 3 years of international banking experience from Pakistan. Shamsa and Rafay Khawaja are proud parents of 3 wonderful children.

In these past 24 years, though she has not worked in corporate world, but, volunteered with various non-profit organizations such as New Haven Schools Foundation (Board member), Tri-City Interfaith Council (Board Member), Eastin Elementary School (PTC President 2015-2017), Spiritual Care Volunteer at Kaiser Permanente, Drivers For Survivors (Companion Driver); to name a few. Shamsa is currently serving as Human Relations Commissioner for the city of Union City. She has been awarded “Excellence in Human Relations” award in 2016 by Alameda County Human Relations Commission, “Volunteer of the Month” award, thrice in a row by Drivers For Survivors, and other volunteer appreciation awards.

Cres Vellucci

Cres Vellucci is a longtime reporter and editor for a number of daily newspapers, including the Sacramento Bee, and a former wire service bureau chief at the State Capitol, covering the CA legislature and Governor. Currently, Cres is the Sacramento bureau chief for the Vanguard, which covers courthouse and justice news in Northern California.

Cres also provides media consulting for candidate and issue campaigns primarily in California, but also for progressive organizations across the U.S.

Cres is a founding member of the Sacramento ACLU chapter, and the chapter of the National Lawyers Guild in Sacramento. He is also a former assistant Dean at the Patino Law School in Sacramento.

Permanente, Drivers For Survivors (Companion Driver); to name a few. Shamsa is currently serving as Human Relations Commissioner for the city of Union City. She has been awarded “Excellence in Human Relations” award in 2016 by Alameda County Human Relations Commission, “Volunteer of the Month” award, thrice in a row by Drivers For Survivors, and other volunteer appreciation awards.