Climate Restoration Directory

The San Francisco Bay Area hosts a growing ecosystem of startups going beyond the Paris Climate Agreement goals to reverse global warming and restore our climate. They’re exploring what’s possible, what works, and in some cases what’s profitable. This directory lists the Bay Area projects, organizations, companies, and supporting institutions that are working to:

  1. Draw down carbon
  2. Reverse global warming
  3. Rebuild Arctic ice
  4. Restore a healthy climate

This directory is a work in progress. To make additions or corrections, please email


Offering consulting services for entrepreneurs, companies, and cities, including feasibility studies, farm design, recruiting, and local food system planning.

Air Miners

An index of projects focused on carbon sequestration from around the globe. (Bay Area, founded 2017)

All Power Labs

A startup offering small-scale biomass gasifier generators with biochar production. (Berkeley, founded 2008)

As You Sow

Promoting environmental and social corporate responsibility through shareholder advocacy, coalition building, and innovative legal strategies.

Blue Planet

A startup using CO2 sequestration for the production of building materials. (Los Gatos, founded 2012)

Carbo Culture

A startup that uses walnut shell waste upcycled into biochar fertilizer to help fix carbon into soil. (San Mateo, founded 2016)


A non-profit geared towards the accelerated development of carbon removal strategies through industry and policy focus. (Oakland, founded 2015)

Cleantech Open West

The California-based region of Cleantech Open, a US-based volunteer network of business professionals helping early-stage cleantech entrepreneurs move their technologies toward market through a structured annual acceleration program. Cleantech Open West is now a program of the LA Cleantech Incubator (LACI). (LA, founded 2005)

Climate Changes Everything

Bringing you resources and connections to help you get your hopes up about our future. And stories about how people are making reversing global warming and restoring our climate their ambitious goals. (Berkeley, founded 2018)

Climate Foundation

Working to preserve coral reefs, sustain fish, lower atmospheric carbon dioxide to keep millions of species from extinction.


An early stage startup specializing in customized climate modeling and predicting future climate to drive business decisions. Partners with Ice911. (Fremont, founded 2015)

Cyclotron Road

A 2-year program for commercial application-driven research aimed at bridging the science-to-product gap; spun off from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  (Berkeley, founded 2014)

The Determined

A creative studio that works with groups focused on climate change to develop messaging, branding and marketing to maximise their positive impact. (San Francisco, founded 2016)

Epic Institute

Developing tools to explore decarbonization pathways focused on a minimum set of proven actions currently scaling globally.

Everflux Technologies

Everflux turns food waste into a fermented plant juice that turbocharges plant growth and promotes longterm fertility.

Food Forest Farm West

Permaculturalists who teach about, design and install permaculture/home gardens or ecologically regenerative gardens and landscapes.

Foundation for Climate Restoration

A foundation developing practical climate restoration R&D; programs and frameworks for safety, monitoring, governance, and finance for a roadmap to restore the climate by 2050. (Silicon Valley, founded 2017)


An organization of dedicated engineers, citizens and scientists with a viable, scalable solution to restore ice in the Arctic, which has lost 80% of its volume since 1979. (Menlo Park, founded 2008)

Impossible Labs

Impossible Labs is a leading innovation consultancy focused on new business opportunities resulting from climate change. (San Francisco, founded 2016)


Offers a range of services around supply-chain greenhouse gas reduction, carbon footprint, zero waste, food processing, Project Drawdown, B Corporation assessment, climate adaptation planning, and green business evaluation to help organizations reach specific sustainability goals.


A startup offering CO2 recycling to oils, nutrients and bio-based products. (Hayward, founded 2008)

Mango Materials

Where Scientific Innovation Meets Environmental Justice‘. A startup converting waste methane into materials. (Redwood City, founded 2010)

Marin Carbon Project

A consortium of independent agricultural institutions in Marin County, including university researchers, county and federal agencies, nonprofits, and local rancher John Wick. In response to the rapid pace of global climate change, MCP seeks to enhance carbon sequestration in rangelands, agricultural and forest soils through applied research, demonstration and implementation. (Marin County, founded 2008)

Mosaic Materials

A startup developing porous materials that capture CO2 from gas mixtures including air and flue gas. (Berkeley, founded 2014)


A startup developing porous materials that capture CO2 from gas mixtures including air and flue gas. (Berkeley, founded 2014)


A startup that uses CO2 emissions and transforms them into high value products. (Sunnyvale, founded 2008)

Open Nanocarbon

A project seeking the fastest route(s) to solid carbon from (likely concentrated) atmospheric CO2. (San Francisco, founded 2017)

Opus 12

A startup offering CO2 emission recycling into chemicals and fuel. (Berkeley, founded 2015)

Pacific Biochar

Manufactures and distributes biochar, providing raw and processed biochar products for commercial and residential uses. They focus on agriculture, with particular attention to organic and ecologically sustainable practices.

Project Drawdown

A non-profit organization aimed at building a coalition of scholars, scientists, entrepreneurs and advocates to help map, measure, model, and communicate solutions to halt and reduce global warming through the drawdown of atmospheric CO2 levels. (Sausalito, founded 2014)

Prospect Silicon Valley

A non-profit cleantech innovation hub supporting entrepreneurs and projects working on cleantech in mobility, transport, energy, and built environment of urban centres. (San Jose, founded 2014)

Roots and Resolve

As a speaker, group facilitator, and coach, I support my fellow humans to make smart, strategic decisions when facing difficulty, uncertainty, and even despair.

Saratoga Energy

A startup recycling CO2 into graphite for lithium-ion battery applications. (Berkeley, founded 2012)

Visolis Biotechnology

Advanced bioengineering combined with chemical processing to provide sustainable, carbon-negative materials.

Y Combinator

Seed startup accelerator company with an open call for carbon removal startups. (Mountain View, founded 2005)