Learn about climate restoration circlesClimate change is the sometimes dramatic shift in weather patterns that is attributed to the increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere caused mainly by humans burning fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide and other ‘greenhouse’ gases block heat from dissipating into space and therefore cause the overall temperatures on the planet to increase.

Climate restoration is possible if we act now. We must not only reduce our emissions and reliance on burning fossil fuels, but also, at the same time, pull carbon back out of the earth’s atmosphere. We support calls to action from the Healthy Climate Alliance in addition to other climate activist organizations.

Restoring the climate requires removing 1 trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere in order to get to 300 parts per million of CO2, as well as restoring the Arctic ice. These two actions are necessary and may be sufficient to restore the climate. They can be done for less than 1% or 2% of global GDP, if humanity commits to doing these actions now.

Resources to learn more about Climate Restoration

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