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SF Bay Climate Restoration Circle MeetupWe are a community dedicated to attracting companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who are interested in and working toward climate restoration. We have an opportunity to make a profound and long-lasting positive impact on our future as human inhabitants of this wonderful earth. Climate restoration implies doing proactive measures to restore our climate back to pre-1950 levels. A healthy climate for future generations is our goal.

Our community comprises volunteers and people who:

  • Own or run companies or organizations involved in climate change action or climate restoration
  • Are looking to invest in technologies and scalable solutions to climate restoration
  • Want to meet other companies who are engaged in proactive climate work and technologies
  • Can connect us with such organizations mentioned above
  • Are willing to contribute their time or money to accelerate climate projects and solutions

Our Meetup events bring together like-minded individuals to have fun, learn about climate restoration, learn from guest speakers, and share what they, their organization or their company is doing to restore the climate.

View guest speaker presentations from previous CRC Meetup events below.